In my opinion, this design works very well. The artist, Lorenzo Duran created an design from using nature as the canvas. Instead of painting or drawing to the design, the artist actually used Line and space. He cut out the part of the leaves and created a design through the negative space that was left. From the negative space, our minds create the image of either the tree or feather.

I like the fact that the artist created more natural images from the natural material. He turned the leaf into a picture of a tree and feather. The tree was creative because that is where the leaf originally comes from. To make this it obviously takes time and patience to work with such a small canvas, which is something not every artist or person has.


One thought on “Design

  1. Wow! There are awesome, what delicate work- I haven’t seen it before. Thanks for sharing. You may consider talking about this artist for the class presentation. This definitely took a ton of time and patience. Your point is interested, he kind of brings the idea full circle, right? Cutting an image of a tree into the leaf from where it came. Great example 🙂

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