Exercise 1:5- Photo Montage

To create the first image, I started with the ocean painting in the background. I then selected only a tree in a photo I had and pasted it into the painting. In a different layer I added the scanned picture of “Live and Let Live” and used the eraser tool to have it show through out the layers.

In the second picture I started off with the tree photo as the background. Instead of using the eraser tool, I used the “Burn” Layers near the opacity in the right side of the menu.  I added the “Live and Let Live” and used Color Burn. Lastly I added the painting of the ocean and used the “Hard Light” layer to blend it all together.

In my opinion the second one came out better than the first. I like how the moon looks like its the moon for the tree photo’s sky.  Adding the dragonfly connected the photos and pictures together because both of them are about nature. This photo also has an edgier look than the first.


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