Reveiw on Rough Drafts Write Up

I talked to three people from class and originally my three rough drafts included posters for John Mayer. The first one was a sun turned flower with John Mayer’s name. The second was based off his website design which showed some very nice designs, clocks, and ribbons. So for the second poster I had a big clock and John Mayer’s name in large underneath. The last design would be the repeat of his name to form the shape of a guitar with some nice drawn designs I created. We talked in a group as I explained my designs and they all put in their ideas.

The first design was completely voted off to not be used, since it did not really have too much to do with John Mayer. The second design was a lot more favorited. We looked at John Mayer’s website and I showed them the layoute and the designs. The website design is very victorian and the changes of the poster was instead of putting a big clock with his name, I would put his name slanted on a ribbon. Behind the ribbon would be a bunch of victorian designs. The last design was liked but behind the “John Mayer” that would be in shape of a guitar instead of having the design I created, get a Victorian design that would fade into the background.


2 thoughts on “Reveiw on Rough Drafts Write Up

  1. I love your sketches! This is exactly what I’m looking for- some quick ideas. Now that you’ve got a better ideas of what you’re looking for, you’ve saved yourself some time on the computer. Now all you have to do is come up with some of the basic vector graphics that you will use- then you can play more with the arrangement!

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