Book idea

For my book idea I will be creating illustrations for a story that already exists. The book is called The Egg it’s by Andy Weir. I do not want to give the story away, but I read it a while ago on the internet and really enjoyed it. For that reason I will be creating illustrations and putting it together as a book. My book will have the layout of a young children’s book but the story is for more of the mature minded crowd, not because it is inappropriate but the idea behind the story is harder to grasp. … Continue reading Book idea

EX: 4:1 Madeline

Growing up my favorite childhood book was Madeline. I used to read it to myself every night before I fell asleep. Im not sure exactly why this was my favorite book, maybe because it was easy for me to read, but what I think attracted me most to the book was the adventures Madeline took. Although she lived in an orphanage that was very strict in Paris, France she would be an adventurous 9 year old and follow her heart to the adventures that called her. As a child I loved adventures, so I loved reading hers as well. Continue reading EX: 4:1 Madeline

Poster in public

This is the first time that I posted my poster in a public setting. Seeing it far away I realize what I will have to add John Mayers name much bolder. I am not too sure if the picture of him truly looks like him so I will have to play with that more. I also have a different poster that I am starting to like more after seeing this in public. After playing around with the posters I will see which One is more enjoyable. Continue reading Poster in public